Sunday, 20 October 2013


The Aether
The French scientists of the Consulate of Peace spent many months ensconced within the extraterrestrial installation, deep beneath the Jura Mountains. There they happened across greatest discovery in human history, the discovery that would change the world forever: Terrestrial Aether.
            The truth behind Terrestrial Aether was never revealed to the world. Only the products of French ingenuity and the marvels that this new element could make possible stood testament to the discovery. And yet the scientists laboured on, determined to discover how such a wondrous material could have come to be. After deciphering knowledge from the complex’s many libraries and glowing logic engines, the greatest minds in France were awed to learn that there were many dimensions in existence, and the Aether was the very stuff that bound them together. All space and time exists by virtue of the Aether, and all matter and energy is created and conducted through it.
            Beyond the veil of our own reality, manifold dimensions lie. Some are like our own; some are utterly alien—planes of scintillating light and Stygian darkness, and everything in-between. And with knowledge of the Aether, distilled into its purest form, mankind could conceivably traverse the planes of reality, and even cross the cold void of space to worlds far beyond our own. And yet in these myriad places, unimaginable forms of matter and life exist. Alien intelligences lurk at the fringes of reality, waiting hungrily for the chance to cross into our world, were they only given the means to traverse the Aether…

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