Monday, 20 July 2015

Steampunk Militia now on Kickstarter!


I am pleased to announce the long awaited follow up to the first Meridian Miniatures Kickstarter "Steampunk Army". This campaign has bee set up to fund the production of a range of 28mm  "Steampunk Militia"  to complement the military figures with their civilian counterparts in the "Steam & Aether" table top setting.

As you can see below the, initial miniatures are already sculpted with the pre production painted masters shown. In each of my previous campaigns I have tried to avoid leaving to much ambiguity between the miniatures promised and the actual product you will recieve, where possible I try to avoid relying on renders and "concept art". Occasionally I will illustrate an idea using either but feel I have built up the reputation for delivering on promises by this stage that you won't be dissapointed.

The above figures show painted preproduction masters on resin bases, your reward will consist of metal castings supplied with round plastic bases, the option to upgrade to resin bases is given on the campaign page. 

In the Steam & Aether setting I will be introducing rules for "benefactors", these miniatures represent rich patrons that fund expeditions into the apocalyptic ruins. This aristocrat figure is the first of them, en extremely highly detailed figure that will be cast in high quality resin providing a centerpiece to your force or a great project for the modelers and painters out there. This figure is a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE figure. I will. at a later date remodel it as a simpler one piece casting for those that missed out but this figure will never be cast again after the rewards are sent out.

Thank you to any and all that come onboard to back this project, I appreciate all support offered. Meridian Miniatures is a "one man band", I do 90% of the sculpting, painting and promo by myself with much needed support form a small number of others. If you like what I do then please take 5 mins to share this campaign with your friends, be it on social media, blogs or forums and you will have my sincere gratitude. 



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