Friday 28 August 2015

long awaited Aequatherium scenario.

I must admit that I've had this one sitting around for a while but have had other distractions to contend with. The rules for the figures can be found on the Interdimensional Bestiary KS updates but I will olate them here in the next update for your convenience.

Aequatherium Hunt

One of the most prized beasts yet discovered in the wasteland, the Aequatherium Magnus is a tentacled hulk – a nightmare made manifest. The price offered for the recovery of a live specimen is so great that it outweighs the need for caution, and wasteland expeditions will often abandon their objectives for the chance to capture this deadly beast and its offspring.

The Battlefield
If you’re playing a game of 100 points a side or less, then the maximum sized playing surface you will need is 4’ x 4’ (48” square). For larger battles, of around 200-500 points, a table 6’ x 4’ (72” by 48”) will afford more room for manoeuvre.
Set up your terrain on the battlefield in a mutually agreeable fashion. In the centre of the board, set up the monster’s lair – a circle of rocky outcrops, ruined building, swampy forest or other suitably fecund scenery. This should cover an area of approximately 12” diameter, and be considered dense terrain. If you are able to place at least one aquatic scenery feature (river, pond, swamp, etc) near to this lair (within 6”), it will make for an even more challenging scenario.

The forces are set up opposite each other, within 12” of a corner of the board (see diagram). The players choose their deployment zones – if one player set up the scenery, the other player gets to choose. If not, both players should roll a D10, and the highest scorer gets to choose his corner. The opponent must take the corner opposite.
Players then ‘dice off’ again to see who starts deploying first – the highest scorer chooses to start deploying first or second. Once this is decided, the player who deploys first places a single Element in his deployment zone. The opponent then does the same – deployment alternates in this way until all forces are set up on the battlefield.
The player who finished deploying first then places the monster models within 6” of the centre point of the board, in the monster lair. These consist of one Aequatherium Magnus, one Aequatherium Whelp swarm (comprising 5 models for every full 100 points of the game being played, to a maximum of 20). For example, if the players agreed on a points limit of 300 points for the game, the Aequatherium Whelps swarm would number 15 models.
Finally, the player who placed the monsters should roll a D5. Starting with the same player, take it in turns to place that many Egg Clusters around the board, no closer than 12” to another model, friend or foe.

Game Length
The game lasts for 10 turns, or until the Aequatherium Magnus is killed.

Special Rules
Controlling the Monsters: While it is possible to play this scenario with a third player controlling the monsters, the rules assume that the monsters will have to be controlled impartially by the two regular players. The player who finishes activating his Elements first in each round moves the monsters that turn. The monsters’ turn always occurs after both players have finished their turns, but before the next Round begins. All monster Elements are activated in the monsters’ turn – there is no alternating.
Monsters are activated using the Act on Instinct special rule. Players should agree the fairest way to move each monster element, so that it attacks the closest target, or moves into cover, for example, conferring an advantage to no one player if possible. When seeking cover, the monster will attempt to shelter from the largest number of enemies possible, regardless of whose side those enemy models are on.

Egg Clusters: Egg Clusters are in effect scenery pieces, which can be attacked as though they were large models. They may not perform any actions except Engage. When they are able to Engage a foe, the Egg Cluster model is removed, and is replaced with a swarm of 5 Aequatherium Whelps, which then completes the Engage action and thereafter behaves as a normal Element.

Victory Conditions
At the end of Turn 10, or when the Aequatherium Magnus is destroyed, the game ends. Each player adds up the casualties he has inflicted on his opponent’s force, receiving a number of victory points (or VPs) as follows:

  • Egg Cluster destroyed 1 VP
  • Aequatherium Whelp swarm reduced to 50% strength or less* 1 VP
  • Aequatherium Whelp swarm destroyed/Routed* 1 VP
  • Enemy Element destroyed/Routed 1 VP
  • Enemy Leader destroyed/Routed 2 VP
  • Aequatherium Magnus destroyed 5 VP

* Note that the points for destroying an element are not cumulative with the points for reducing it to below half strength – the half strength point only applies to those enemy Elements left on the battlefield at the end of the game.

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