Monday, 1 September 2014

Imagining post-europocalypse France part 2

Hi everyone out there in S&A land.
My Tooth & Sword Kickstarter turned out to be quite a success but don't think that I have been entirely distracted in the mean time! Behind the scenes I've been busy with my gaming terrain project and have received the first laser cut sheets components that I need to bring an aether ravaged world to life.
The concept has translated really nicely and I've been busy trying out prototype building ideas. Sadly it seems that these A4 sheets may turn out too expensive to sell on to you, my dear readers but I will endevour to find a solution, I will email round some more cutting firms shortly. I'm also toying with a couple of other ideas to get my vision of ruined splendor into your  hands including resin components and cardstock buildings, I will keep you up to date!

Meanwhile, remember that you can keep up to date with all Meridian Miniatures on facebook:
At the moment I'm working on and chronicling one of the less pleasant inhabitants of post catastrophe France....

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