Monday, 15 September 2014

Interdimesional Bestiary Kickstarter launched.

Hi all, those of you that follow me on Facebook  will have seen that I have been feverishly working away in the darkest recess of the Steam & Aether setting and have birthed quite a monster! I launched a Kickstarter campaign this morning ad it's gone great guns! Here's the blurb from the front page:

Meridian Miniatures hope to bring you the first in a line of impressive creature models to populate your tabletop worlds.
with this, my second project in the world of Steam & Aether, I invite you to contribute towards the moulding and casting of a monstrous 28mm scaled creature and more!
As expeditions into post-catastrophe France increased in frequency, so too did the discovery of bizarre and monstrous forms of life inhabiting the Aetheric wasteland. Whether these creatures are divergent mutant strains of life corrupted by the Aether explosion, or are not of this world at all, remains to be seen. The Prussian science ministry and British Royal Society demanded military missions into the wasteland carry out research and bring back samples, both mineral and biological. The Prussian Guildmasters and British regimental commanders were initially reticent to endanger their men by subduing some of the more ferocious beasts of the Wasteland, but as soon they saw the rewards offered by the authorities, they danced to a different tune.
Just over a year ago, with the help of many generous backers, I successfully funded my "Steampunk Army" campaign to produce miniatures for my Steam & Aether game setting. Since then the backstory for my Victorian sci fi world has grown, unveiling a rich setting that demmands to be populated!
After the Aetheric catastrophe, much of Western Europe was permeated with cosmic emanations, transdimensional elements and particles were strewn about the land, wreaking chaos everywhere. While the Consulate's portals remained open, stranger things still crawled, strode, slithered and floated through into our dimension.
The first monster that I have chosen to create is this horrifically tentacled maritime mass, dubbed "Aequatherium Magnus", of the many concepts and sketches that I have compliled I felt that it was the most versatile in that it has plenty of scope for use outside of the Steam & Aether setting. I can imagine it being used in plenty of other sci fi/fantasy/mythos games.
Many soldiers and collectors have lost their lives in the pursuit of these terrifying monsters, but their high demand and sky-rocketing value ensures that there are always others willing to risk life and limb for the sake of the hunt.
Of course, in the Steam & Aether setting someone needs to step up to the challenge of defeating such a monster, each side needs it's steampunk monster hunters to take to the tabletop! Both of these 28mm scale miniatures are cast in high quality resin and aretimed limited figures available for the KS campaign, only seeing general release one year from campaign end.
Hanne Haas is an infamous maritime hunter, renown across Prussia for her explosive exploits since the Aether catastrophe.
William Scoresby III is an avaricious British whaler turned monster hunter, leading expeditions deep into the northern teaches of former France in pursuit of riches.

I have full back story and rules to publish for these figures too, it will be posted on the Kickstarter first and then compiled here. So even if you don't pledge do check in periodically to see what develops.
Many thanks for your time Steam & Aether fans, please spread the word far and wide!

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