Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Imagining post-europocalypse France.

I've pondered over what direction to take the landscape of Steam & Aether for a while, I want the aesthetic to be unified and distinct with even the industrial architecture to reflect a style or art movement. My vision of a Steampunk world while toned from most down needs ostentation and I don't shy much away from anachronism.

A muted and ruined Art Nouveau has been drifting inexpertly into my sketchboook, I just need to figure out how to coalesce the ideas into tabletop reality. As I said before, I aim to have individual elements drawn out to be laser cut, ending up acting like modular panels that will enable me to build simple structures that will be suitably embellished to be in keeping with the the Consulate's lofty heights.

Hopefully my doodling will elucidate you a little as to where I'm going with the terrain plan, see below for an idea of how I imagine the laser cut panels being laid out.

I'll keep you all up to date as the new project progresses.

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