Sunday, 13 April 2014

Building a world.

First, sorry for the prolonged silence. The last few months have been preoccupied with full time commissions combined with relocating from old London to rural Somerset. 

For the TL/DR inclined, this post will mainly be pontification and rumination on how a gaming table and terrain should be for the purposes of Steam & Aether. Some of those here that inhabit the milieu of wargaming forums found online may have seen that I started to build a compact gaming table last year. The good news is that it's been completed in the meantime the build of which will be posted here  for your perusal very soon. 

In all of my years of wargaming I've never possessed a purpose built gaming table or a set of matching terrain and so thought that I'd better "go to town" on building a really nice game board to set my europocalyptic visions upon. Steam and Aether games take place of course, across the catastrophic ruins of 19th century industrial France. I thought that a great base for which would be a mixture of typical street surfaces for the period, flagstones, cobbles etc, strewn with a little detritus for good measure of course. This will allow me a suitable substrate to place the terrain of various environs atop. I will aim to build suitable buildings and sundry urban scatter to represent constructions of the industrial sprawl to ruined metropolis and regions between. I'm going to start sketching out on paper what I envisage the d├ęcor and aesthetic of Consulate France to be before working once again with the very talented Dave Needham on laying out some templates for architectural ornament to be laser cut, aiding me in constructing the terrain and eventually offering up to yourselves!

Posts will arrive more regularly from now on, here's hoping that you enjoy the little previews that I've posted today. To those waiting for the rules, I've just got them being arranged as a PDF, they'll be available very soon now!!


  1. Great to see your back blogging and that table looks the 'bees-knees' for a ruined land. Should showcase the figures very well :-)

  2. Hey you've entered my part of the woods. Somerset is great if you don't mind all the fields. Anyway I'm glad to see you back.