Saturday, 26 April 2014

Steam & Aether quick-play rules.

So here at last we have the free Beta edition of "Steam & Aether" fast play rules of download. This is the consolidation of a very large amount of pondering and pontification over my gaming life as to what would make a game that I would like to play. After a fair bit of play testing and an expert edit and thorough re write from Mr Mark Latham, it's time to hand it over to players. This is very much a "beta edition" and I'd love to hear what you think, especially if you actually try it out with Meridian Miniatures or even other figures from your collections. What work for you, what doesn't and what you'd like to see in the future. These rules are designed to be fast playing, fun and easy, they're definitely not designed to be an accurate simulation of reality, they're a game and written with enjoyment in mind so do please take them in that spirit. I'll be updating and expanding over the coming months based on feedback and further play testing. For those wanting to purchase more miniatures I am able to take orders via email, please contact me via the blog. I have a webstore being developed as you read this, I'll be keeping everyone up to date as it launches in the next couple of months.
Many thanks

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  1. Just breezing through the rules... Simple- one target number to hit, one target number to save, so that's good. Couple of questions: The order in which the models are activated are fixed by a decision at the start of the game. So, regardless of tactical situation, you are to activate the units in the fixed order? Unit #3 of Side B will never be able to activate before Unit #2 of Side A, for example?
    Cover: There is one kind of cover? Shrubs protect as well as bunkers?
    I like the idea of the unit's officer being the sighting, facing, etc. of the unit but I can see situations where players place more than half of their unit behind cover, leaving the officers forward-within 2" of the another model from the unit, to gain the benefit of cover.
    And units that have half or more of their models behind completely blocking cover- can or cannot be shot at? If they can be shot at- can the models that are completely in cover be killed?
    In melee, the unit that doesn't have the Combat Advantage doesn't get any save rolls? This is explicitly stated but is clearly implied in the first paragraph.
    And, units cannot break away from melee?
    For Overwatch, we seem to run into the fixed order of activation problem. Unit #3 will never be able to use Overwatch against Units #1 and #2 of the opposing side because those units will always activate before Unit 3 gets a chance to go on Overwatch.
    Leader qualities: When in the game sequence do you roll for the qualities of the unit leaders? After step 1- or part of step 1, or perhaps during step 2?
    Finally- the skills and weapons have fixed point values but when these are used by low, medium, or excellent Quality troops, their effect on the battlefield will be very different. Would it be possible to make skills and weapons cheaper for low quality troops and more expensive for high quality troops, thus reflecting their actual effectiveness?
    I know you are not trying to design a simulation but I thought the above points were worth mentioning.
    Good luck with your project!

  2. Hi Bruce.
    That was the idea re activation, I was trying to make a new way to think tactically before the game but it's still up for modification, this is why I need feedback! :)
    Only one type of cover for now, I see the S&A world as a lot of brick walls and iron, for now and yes, you're either in cover or you're not. It's an easy abstraction in my mind it won't stop arguments but maybe it will lessen them!
    No saves for the side without advantage, no.
    Unit leaders should be the same quality as their troops.
    I will look into the points for weapons, for now I figure that you're already paying more points to be a higher quality anyway.
    Many thanks for your feedback.
    Andrew :D